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Explore the Capabilities of Our Fleet

At Craft, there are two halves to the exceptional air travel experiences we provide: incredible people and unparalleled aircraft. We take pride in offering a diverse fleet, with each jet providing its own unique capabilities and features. This comprehensive selection enables us to cater every journey to the needs and preferences of our guests. In this post, we’ll take you through the capabilities of some of our exceptional aircraft.

Delivering on demand

Our team works diligently to ensure multiple aircraft models are available to meet the travel demands of our passengers. By keeping multiple aircraft primed and ready, we’re able to adapt to the needs of our guests and ensure we have the perfect aircraft available for every journey. Whether you experience the Challenger 350 on a coast-to-coast, or unwind in the Gulfstream G550 on an international voyage, the readiness and versatility of our fleet means we can provide an optimal match that ensures maximum comfort and efficiency.

Comfort and luxury

Our fleet encompasses aircraft of a range of sizes, each designed to provide an exceptional flying experience. From spacious cabins with ample legroom to plush seating arrangements, we’re proud to offer aircraft that prioritize passenger comfort. Whether you prefer a cozy private jet such as the Bombardier Challenger 350, with room for up to nine passengers—or the G550’s more expansive cabin, which comfortably seats up to fourteen—our fleet has you covered.

Specialized service

Every flight has a purpose, meaning each journey can require different onboard facilities. Our fleet allows us to offer guests a specialized experience tailored to their individual needs. From executive meeting spaces to comfort and leisure, we have the capability to fulfill the unique requirements of every passenger.

Seamless connectivity

Staying connected during travel is crucial for many of our guests, which is why we’ve worked to ensure our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art connectivity solutions. This includes unlimited domestic WiFi and simple solutions for international WiFi that allows you to remain connected for business or enjoy in-flight entertainment throughout your journey.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of the versatility of our fleet. In upcoming posts, we’ll dive deeper into the individual capabilities of our aircraft and the advantages they hold for our guests.

Embark on extraordinary

Embark on an extraordinary air travel experience with Craft, where the capabilities of our diverse fleet unlock endless possibilities.

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