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Kosher is the new standard

At Craft, we’re committed to providing hand-crafted air travel experiences that give new definition to luxury and comfort.

Our dedication to ensuring you feel right at home in the clouds extends to the food and refreshments we offer during your flight. We understand just how important it is to accommodate the diverse dietary needs of our guests, which is why we are proud to offer irresistible kosher food options on every journey.

As standard, the snacks and drinks you’ll find on every Craft flight are Orthodox Union (OU) kosher certified. For those hoping to indulge in a glass or two, we’re pleased to provide both red and white wine from a certified kosher producer.

Whether you are a strict kosher observer or simply prefer kosher food, we’re sure to provide you with a deliciously memorable experience featuring an exciting selection of certified kosher options that are both satisfying and convenient.

When you fly with Craft, you’ll travel with peace of mind knowing all your dietary needs will be met—and your culinary expectations exceeded. So sit back, relax, and savor the flavor of our kosher offerings while we take you on a journey like no other.