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Our Fleet: A Closer Look at the Bombardier Challenger 300

At Craft, we’re proud of the premier aircraft that make up our fleet. We’re excited to showcase one such aircraft in this post—and what better place to embark on this deep dive into our fleet than with the ever-popular Bombardier Challenger 300?

A reputable craft

The Bombardier Challenger 300 has earned an esteemed reputation in the aviation community for its balance of space, performance, comfort, and style. These qualities make it a popular choice for a range of professional and personal journeys. It’s easy to see why the Challenger is many guests’ preferred way to fly—this widely loved aircraft offers unparalleled refinement from the moment you come aboard.

The cabin experience

Step inside the Challenger 300 and you’ll be greeted with an expansive, thoughtfully designed cabin. Here, there’s capacity for up to nine passengers to travel in comfort with ample room for stretching out and moving around. You’ll also find safe, unrestricted access to a 106 ft³ (3 m³) baggage compartment—room enough for six small and eight large bags.

The Challenger 300’s seating arrangement has been crafted with a strong emphasis on passenger comfort. Plush, reclining leather seats allow our guests to relax or work comfortably during their journey. Meanwhile, advanced soundproofing materials ensure our guests enjoy a tranquil environment throughout their flight. Whether you’re planning productive, highly-focused travel or simply want to be well-rested upon arrival, the Challenger’s amenities are more than up to the task.

Enhanced connectivity

We’ve installed modern, high-speed WiFi connection points onboard all our aircraft, enabling our guests to browse the web, access emails, or conduct video conferences seamlessly. Guests traveling on business are sure to appreciate this uninterrupted access, as well as anyone hoping to catch up with the latest news and entertainment.

State-of-the-art entertainment

The Challenger 300 boasts a cutting-edge entertainment system, complete with high-definition displays and audio systems. Our guests can enjoy a wide selection of movies and music—everything needed to truly enjoy the journey. A plug-and-play entertainment experience, including universal HDMI and USB ports and wireless control via your electronic devices, makes it easy to enjoy your media exactly the way you like it.

Gourmet galley

The Challenger’s well-equipped galley allows for in-flight meal preparation. Our guests can indulge in meals tailored to their preferences, making dining in the skies an exquisite experience.

Range and performance

With a range of up to 3,200 nautical miles, the Challenger 300 effortlessly connects with major cities around the country and is perfect for trips across North America. Its powerful engines enable impressive speed—up to 540 miles per hour—reducing travel time significantly. Despite these speeds, guests can be sure of a stable, smooth flying experience thanks to advanced avionics that minimize turbulence and further enhance the overall comfort of every flight.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of the Bombardier Challenger 300. From its spacious and comfortable cabin to its state-of-the-art entertainment and connectivity, this aircraft caters capably to the needs of discerning travelers. Whether it’s for business or leisure, a journey aboard the Challenger is always an unforgettable one and for all the right reasons.

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