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Recognized for Excellence in Safety with IS-BAO™ Stage 1

Craft Achieves IS-BAO™ Stage 1 Registration

MIAMI, FL - January 5, 2023 - Craft, the private aviation company focused on delivering consistent, efficient, and truly personalized air travel, has achieved IS-BAO Stage 1 certification through the International Business Aviation Council.

Craft received its certification on 31 July 2022 from The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), an expert advocate for industry-leading safety standards through its International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). Through this certification, IBAC promotes world-class safety standards and codes of best practice designed to provide the highest levels of safety and professionalism.

“We are delighted to have received Stage 1 IS-BAO status in recognition of our commitment to operational excellence,” said Craft founder Israel Slodowitz. “IS-BAO is a globally recognised accreditation that goes beyond the required regulations to follow strict, precise International Civil Aviation Organization guidelines. By meeting these stringent standards we provide both our charter brokers and passengers with total confidence, which is always our first priority.”

Stage 1 IS-BAO registration can only be achieved following a rigorous audit process which provides deep scrutiny into a wide range of operations, from the training and proficiency of personnel to equipment maintenance, security protocol, occupational health and safety, and more.

As leading innovators who provide personalized luxury private air travel with passion and impeccable attention to detail, Craft’s pursuit of excellence extends beyond delivering peerless customer experiences to provide private aviation consumers complete confidence in its exceptional operational standards.

About Craft

Craft is headquartered in the stunning Fontainebleau Aviation FBO facility in Miami, Florida. Led by an experienced team of passionate aviation professionals, our mission is to provide reliable luxury wherever you fly. That means offering a consistently exceptional aircraft experience, creating savings for brokers, and providing a single price that protects clients from unexpected costs and hidden fees.

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Tel: 310 - 848 - 3636