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Team Spotlight - Carol Portillo

Welcome to another team spotlight, where we showcase the exceptional individuals behind the world-class private air travel delivered by Craft. In this series, we hope to give you an insight into the hard work, skill, and dedication involved in providing our guests with the ultimate air travel experience.

At Craft, we firmly believe that any organization’s true worth lies in the caliber of the people making it all happen. Our cabin attendants embody this principle with a passion for unparalleled service that is evident in everything they do. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Carol, one of our cabin attendants, to learn more about what the role involves.

Carol, when we decided our first team spotlight was about our cabin crew, we knew we had to speak with you! To get us started, we’d love to know a bit more about your background, and what led to you working here at Craft?

“Of course! I was born and raised in Guatemala, and came to the US in my twenties to study business and psychology. These interests led me to a career in the hospitality sector, working with Marriott Hotels & Resorts. Over a ten-year period, I experienced everything from working at the front desk to becoming Director of Sales and also working within property management. However, private aviation had always been in the back of my mind—so in 2020 when the opportunity arose, I decided to enter the aviation industry and this eventually led to my position here at Craft.”

Business, psychology, and hospitality—we can see how natural that progression must have been. Do you feel your experience lends itself well to being a cabin attendant?

“There absolutely was a natural progression! I find that my experience in psychology has served me particularly well as a flight attendant. A big part of my job is making sure people feel safe, comfortable, and happy. That starts from the moment guests board our aircraft, where they’re welcomed with a warm smile, and extends throughout their experience with us. I take pride in personalizing each flight to the preferences of our guests, and that involves having an eye for detail, anticipating people’s needs, and being able to fulfill requests with finesse.”

Your role is especially visible to our guests—what responsibilities does that bring?

“It’s about going above and beyond to make a difference in each guest’s experience. That means embodying our fundamental values, such as treating others equally and with respect, and having a high degree of empathy for the people we meet. We work to understand the needs, concerns, and requirements of our guests. Everybody wants something different from their journey, whether it’s a highly engaging experience or an opportunity to unwind in the comfort of their own company. Emotional intelligence is key to making sure our guests feel at home, no matter their preferences.”

You’ve touched on hospitality as a core part of your role, but what other day-to-day responsibilities do you have as a flight attendant?

“Aside from attending to the needs of our guests during the flight itself, one of my main responsibilities is advanced flight preparation. There are many factors that go into a successful and enjoyable journey for our guests. This involves not only logistical preparation before and after a flight, but also a series of thorough risk assessments to ensure each flight is safe and comfortable.”

It sounds like pre-flight preparation receives just as much focus and attention as the journey itself. Are any other teams involved in this area of your work?

“We are in constant communication with every department. This includes speaking with our operations department, our pilots, and our FBOs to ensure every logistical consideration has been accounted for. A big mix of talented people are involved in the success of our flights, and everyone has their own areas of responsibility. The high level of communication we maintain between teams is a key part of what helps us go the extra mile for our guests.”

It’s clear that so much goes into your role at Craft—is there anything involved we might not expect?

“Craft cares about the personal and professional growth of its people, so in areas of work where it’s appropriate to do so, there are often opportunities to try your hand at a different skill set. A great example is that I was recently able to contribute to some internal communications projects. It’s not a core part of my role, but I really appreciate the chance to have input on other areas of the business and develop my creative abilities at the same time.”

What do you love most about being a Craft cabin attendant?

“It has to be the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, and the chance to discover places I’ve never been before. I also love the routine I’ve built around my role—my days have an early start, which has given me space for healthy morning habits like meditation.”

Carol, thanks so much for your time. We’ll let you get back to preparing for your next flight!

“You’re very welcome!”

We hope you enjoyed this entry in our ongoing showcase of the people who make Craft the first choice for personalized air travel. Keep a look out for further glimpses into the many disciplines that help make each Craft journey, unforgettable.