Safety, above everything

Each of our hand-crafted journeys is underpinned by an unyielding commitment to safety.

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A safety-first culture

We’ve made safety our obsession, operating to the highest standards and delivering all the assurances you expect—and many you might never have considered—to give you total confidence every time you fly. When it comes to your safety, we focus on even the minute details so you can simply sit back, relax, and focus on enjoying a luxury air travel experience.

Our ratings:
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State-of-the-art aircraft safety features

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Our fleet consists entirely of modern aircraft with some of the world’s most robust safety features built in. From advanced avionics to engines upgraded for even greater reliability, we’ve hand-selected aircraft with features that meet our exacting standards for safety.

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Innovative flight safety

We employ a fully integrated Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) tailored for the most thorough safety checks and reporting across every flight.

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Safety management

Our robust Safety Management System (SMS) is integrated both vertically and horizontally throughout our entire operational process.

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Continuous maintenance

An ongoing maintenance cycle keeps our aircraft in pristine condition. Redundant systems are maintained for all critical equipment.

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Flight quality assurance

Our Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) program is a data-based approach to performance monitoring, enabling our pilots to operate at the pinnacle of flight.

Through stringent safety standards we provide our passengers, brokers, and partners with total confidence, which is always our first priority.

Israel Slodowitz - Founder & CEO
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Highly qualified personnel

Whether it’s our rigorous initial operating experience programs or our insistence on providing only full-time pilots, best practice is business as usual for our experienced personnel.

  • Training programs that guarantee pilot competency
  • Pilots who live and breathe safety and professionalism
  • Training requirements that exceed FAA standards
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Putting safety at the heart of everything

From our state-of-the-art operations center, seasoned professionals monitor and coordinate all activity to ensure every journey is safe, smooth, and enjoyable.

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Impeccable planning

Pilots receive up-to-the-minute weather information, helping them to plan routes and minimize the risk of adverse weather conditions

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Ready for anything

Our control center maintains detailed protocols for emergency situations and can rapidly coordinate with emergency response teams

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Enabling our personnel

Providing ongoing support and assistance to pilots, mechanics, and other personnel to help them identify and address potential safety concerns or issues

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Going above and beyond

Getting to know you is our pleasure, so we can anticipate your every need. From accommodating your business travel or family holiday plans, to welcoming your beloved pets, we make sure you live your best flight.

Our commitment to safety extends to:
  • Personal data security and confidentiality
  • Health and safety and cleaning protocols

Proud to Craft your journey